A collection of helper methods and types to make creating CLI in Swift a breeze.


With CLIFoundation you can easily launch bash commands in Swift. You can either run a command directly or construct a ShellCommand to get a safe command that will be formatted correctly automatically

Raw Command:

try Shell.execute("git -C some/repo/path commit -m \"Some commit message\" --no-verify")

Using Command:

// new, nice way
let command = Command("git") {
    Option("C", value: "some/repo/path")
    Option("m", value: "\"Some commit message\"")

// old way
let command = Command("git")
    .appendingOption("C", value: "some/repo/path")
    .appendingOption("m", value: "\"Some commit message\"")
try Shell.execute(command)


CLIFoundation supports text styling with these methods:

return "This what we want to print to the terminal"

or through a combined convenience method:

return "This what we want to print to the terminal"
    .addingTerminalStyling(color: .red, backgroundColor: .yellow, decoration: .bold)


I don’t have a contribution guide and all that fancy stuff so if you want to implement changes or add new stuff, feel free to do so and just assign me the PR. Happy coding! :-)